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We recently took on a project for from Garrod Painting of Naples they are a local painting company in Punta Gorda that services Naples, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda, Sarasota and more of Florida’s amazing City’s.


They asked us to help them turn a well not so amazing website into something that they would love and enjoy, as well as there clients that come to visit them on there website, they were very exited to see what we can do for them, well safe to say there were in for a surprise becuase we had just what they needed, a cost effective site that could turn viewers into leads, by having a call now button on there website as well as a contact form that would act as a quote form they were able to manage a big turn around from there viewers that landed on there page, the second step would be to make there site look good and trust worthy to the audience.

That was achieved simply by adding more pictures and recent projects that they did in the area, they were amazed with the work and the portfolio as well as the amazing site. They have a very intelligent design and well optimized

So next would be getting them to show up for clients to find them simply we did a few citations and so on and they started to rise in google it took a while but they did it.

Needless to say Brad Garrod, the owner of Garrod Painting was very pleased with the site and the client volume that it brought in.

You can check out there painting company in naples bellow

Garrod Painting Of Naples Florida 

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